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"Thank you so much for Vantage Point - It is fabulous and so inspiring. Listening to these wonderful leaders sharing their vantage points on leadership not only affirmed my own perceptions and gave me new perspectives on moving forward as a leader. The best part is I can continue to listen and learn as often as I want. Can't wait until the next volume."
Connie Jastremski
Chief Nursing Officer, Bassett Healthcare
President Elect, NY Organization for Nurse Executives

"Leta, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the first Vantage Point and couldn't wait to get started. I have just finished listening - nonstop. Wow!  It was awesome.  Thank you for offering the opportunity to hear from these successful leaders."
Susan Ulrich McLaughlin, CFR
Executive Director
J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital Foundation
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"I didn't want to hang up!"
A Discussion Salon Participant
What is Vantage Point?

Vantage Point is a bold and unique resource for stimulating the exchange of innovative ideas among men and women of influence in business. Its mission is to provide professionals, at all levels and across all disciplines and organizations, easy access to timely, provocative, leading edge business thought. Its goal is to educate, inspire, stimulate and, above all, to encourage personal and professional growth and discovery.

Vision: The premier learning tool for business professionals to achieve professional growth, discovery and mastery.

Mission: To provide professionals, at all levels and across all organizations and disciplines, easy access to timely, provocative, leading edge business thought. To educate, inspire, stimulate and, above all, to encourage personal and professional growth and discovery.

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What is Vantage Point's Format?

One of Vantage Point's signature strengths is its unique approach to delivering leading edge thinking in a connected and synergistic way.

•  Vantage Point is an audio journal. You can opt to purchase any one of the issues, each of which is offered as a CD. Each issue will feature an important topic that is discussed by Leta Beam from her unique "vantage point." The discussion will offer practical tips, professional challenges and innovative insights. It is intended to be "crosspollination" - the sharing of information and winning strategies - at its very best.

•  Vantage Point is also an amazing virtual community. The audio journal will be complemented by occasional discussion salons that are offered exclusively to purchasers of Vantage Point. These one-hour conference calls create a connected virtual community in which contributors and purchasers exchange ideas and pose questions about a particular audio topic.

Blending together an audio learning program with a virtual community positions Vantage Point to match a wider variety of learning styles, create a national "mastermind" or like minded individuals who come together to tap into and contribute to something that is much bigger than themselves. An added value is that purchasers of Vantage Point expand their own networks of colleagues and resources.

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Vantage Point Contributor

Leta Beam
Vantage International

Leta Beam is President of Vantage International, a leadership and business coaching firm. As the corporate name suggests, Leta positions high performance professionals and organizations to have a strategic advantage and a commanding view of the environment. She knows what it takes to achieve balance, to build a rewarding professional environment and to get the job done with creativity and ease. Leta is an accomplished and dynamic executive with twenty years of successful experience in building innovative business operations - as an intraprenuer at one of the country's largest healthcare insurance companies, as the president of Kairos Health Systems, a network of retirement communities, and as founder of her own coaching enterprise.

Throughout her career she has been recognized for strong leadership and setting, implementing and achieving strategic goals through collaborative teamwork and partnership and individual brilliance. Her reputation for creativity, energy and ethical conduct is well earned. She truly pushes the envelope, asking her clients to expand their horizons and explore exciting new opportunities. This often involves blending inner and outer technology and always results in transformative results.

Leta coaches at every level from executives to management to corporate employees, entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has delivered numerous presentations across the country and is recognized for an engaging style and fresh, motivational messages. She is the author of numerous articles on healthcare, managed care and, most recently, business coaching, leadership and business excellence. She has co-authored a book, Creating An Extraordinary Business, which focuses on business transformation. She is currently producing a television project that will bring live coaching to a broad audience. In May 2005, Leta was recognized as one of the "Best 50 Women In Business in PA." Leta has also been chosen to appear in a calendar, titled "Portraits of Strength" for Pinnacle Health System in Central PA.

Leta lives and coaches from Harrisburg , PA. She has a daughter, Shannon, who has been her greatest teacher. Leta received her BA and MA from Penn State University and her business coaching certificate from Comprehensive Coaching U. She is an adjunct faculty member at both Penn State University and Saint Francis University as well as a well respected, international professional speaker.

Past Contributors

Nina Dusang, CPA, MBA
Vice-President of Operations
Rush Foundation Hospital

Joyce Grove Hein MHHA/CHE
Chief Executive Officer
Phelps Memorial Health Center
Maureen Y .Lichtveld, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor and Chair
Tulane University
Bertine Colombo McKenna, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President/COO
Bassett Healthcare
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What is the Content?

Here are Vantage Point's strategic content intentions:

  • Think big and bold in new areas
  • Be challenging from the start
  • Find the equipoise of lifting subscribers up from the daily grind yet remaining relevant
  • Offer some new thoughts rather than simply reiterate same old same old
  • Expose participants to new ideas from outside their narrow "world"
  • Be absolutely cutting edge and, at times, constrain
  • Be intentional; don't shy away from leadership moments; summarize the leadership moments from each segment
  • Collect information and opinions from subscribers on key subjects and provide benchmarking feedback.

We took that mandate to heart and created an extraordinary ongoing program of mastery!

The three top priorities for Vantage Point are:

  • Innovation
  • Strategy/tactics, and
  • Diversity of thought.

These priorities will be discussed across three dimensions:

  • Personal mastery
  • Organizational mastery and
  • Beyond, or what we call global mastery.

Vantage Point Purchasers Can Receive Continuing Education Units

Both the audio journal and discussion salon segments of Vantage Point are approved for CEU credits through the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (PSNA and ANCC). This means that nurses across the country can earn 1 CEU for each journal issue and another for a discussion salon.

Other accreditation organizations (e.g. ACHE, MGMA) will accept both segments of Vantage Point for secondary credit. Simply report the program and the number of hours.

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How Does Vantage Point Work?

Becoming part of the Vantage Point community is simple:

  1. Purchase now! Vantage Point is priced right and offers incredible value. Your investment for each issue is $18.88 plus $2.00 shipping & handling (tax for PA residents). You are worth the investment.
  2. When we receive your request, you will receive a personal welcome that includes all of the information that you will need to receive the audio journal and participate in the periodic discussion salons.
  3. You will then receive your CD in the mail.
  4. You will have the opportunity to participate in periodic discussion salons. These are offered exclusively to Vantage Point members. Each discussion salon will focus on the topic from the audio journal. It will be a chance to offer your insights, ask your questions, share your experiences, deepen your learning and connect with other thought leaders from across the country.
  5. Participate fully. Offer feedback, respond to surveys and actively engage in the experience.

Purchase NOW!

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2009 Hot Topics

  • June 2009
    Accountability That Works

  • July 2009
    Artful Delegation

  • August 2009 
    Healthy Meaningful Conflict

  • September 2009
    Non-Stop Innovation

  • October 2009
    Intentionality Thoughts Become Things
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Previous Hot Topics
  • May 2007
    Not Just Another Committee!#&?

    As leaders, how can we successfully set the stage for engaging groups to truly blend together and synergistically own a project or initiative? Tips, tools and techniques for moving beyond the traditional “committee” approach for getting things done.

  • July 2007 
    Delivering Difficult Messages

    Whether it’s a poor financial quarter, re-alignments and re-assignments, less than positive feedback or an exit from the organization, we, as leaders, are regularly faced with challenging coaching conversations. We must deliver difficult messages in a way that the other person can hear, understand and then act upon. How do we artfully remain compassionate while still be clear and firm? Positive without sugar coating our words? Confident yet flexible? Tell the unvarnished truth without wounding the other? Masterful languaging strategies from masterful leaders.

  • September 2007
    Warning!!! Initiative Overload In Progress!!

    Learn how top healthcare leaders manage their use of time in a world of exclusively top
    priorities. How do effective leaders triage priorities? How do you figure out what you need help with and then ask for it! Habits and patterns that get in our way. Learn how to get unstuck and better navigate the flow.

  • November 2007 
    Effective Interdisciplinary Communications

    Increasingly, we are acknowledging the importance of breaking down those long standing barriers that have stood between healthcare disciplines. What everyday coaching practices have we really made our own in order to work more effectively with our colleagues? Learn about the techniques that are working for industry thought leaders and the creative forums in which they are applied.

  • January 2008 
    Stuff You Don’t Want To Admit You Don’t Know

    Even as leaders (or aspiring leaders), we have knowledge gaps or blind spots; sometimes it feels uncomfortable to admit that they’re there and perplexing to decide what to do about them. Learn what healthcare leaders do to uncover such gaps, small and large, how they bridge them and grow their deep smarts and why it’s not okay to “just live with it.”

  • March 2008  
    Growing A Blame-free Culture: Have We Got The Balance Right?

    Is blame free the best way to portray a healthcare culture that is focused only on professional responsibility? Maybe we should call it “just accountability” culture. How are successful leaders creating environments in which it is safe to report errors and still clear as to how professional responsibility fits in.

  • May 2008 
    Attracting, Cultivating and Keeping World Class People

    Strategic planning isn't enough. Leading edge healthcare organizations are creating and following specific, detailed roadmaps for developing long-term relationships with top talent, even before someone is officially hired! Learn the key how-to’s of talent planning as well as success strategies for making it work at your organization.

  • July 2008 
    Ethical Leadership: It’s More Than You Think
    It’s easy to forget that leadership is a neutral word – it isn't good or bad. When you read about corporate indictments in the Wall Street Journal, it’s too easy to point the finger and say “now those are the bad guys.” As healthcare leaders we must live well beyond those minimal standards. Learn what standards of excellence the best in healthcare aspire to and how they get straightforward feedback on their performance.

  • September 2008 
    Beyond Medical Errors: How To Co-create A Successful Quality Improvement Initiative that Truly Influences Patterns Of Care

    What distinguishes a great quality improvement effort from a mundane one? What are the crucial ingredients for changing individual and organizational behavior? What are the most frequently encountered challenges that sabotage both launch and sustainability? Share best practices with colleagues.

  • November 2008 
    Building Relationships On The Way Out: Professionally Handling Exits – Yours and Theirs
    Relational leadership never ends. Is it possible to actually enhance a relationship as you exit an organization? It’s not only possible, it’s smart, savvy business. It’s also a winning strategy when you are the one staying and someone else is exiting. How is this done well, why is it a valuable framework to hold; and who do you have to “be” as a leader to be really good at it.


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