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" I find this book to be chock full of tools, helpful hints and real life experiences that can be applied - I have even used quotes from this book with my leadership team. It is refreshing, useful and and"extreme" look at how to lead from anywhere"
Bertine M., Executive VP and COO, Basset Healthcare

“Thanks for signing my copy of your book! I really appreciate that, and I'm starting on it tonight. I've already done a little skimming, my excitement is already peaked.”
Marcus B., Analyst, Ahold USA

“This weekend I read your book Take the Lead. Congratulations on writing such an inspiring book. While I read I felt like I was sitting in one of your training sessions. I really appreciate the real life situations you present, including some of your own missteps, as well as the helpful tips you provide.
After I was done I immediately read my personal mastery plan and had renewed motivation. Although I have a long way to go until I could be considered a coach, I’m taking the first steps. Me first!
I look forward to reading book #2!”

Lindsey H., Human Resource Manager, North American Hoganis

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