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“Following up on her successful book “Take the Lead Full Throttle Engagement Powered by Coaching, Leta Beam again gives us the tools to create a culture of accountability by leading from our seats. This is a must read for all leaders in organizations who struggle to gain full accountability by all members of their team. The model she introduces in the beginning of creating a culture of owners not renters really captures the true meaning of accountability by all. Her description of the meaning of accountability and the elegant tools to assess accountability within an organization really build on the lessons from her first book. The simple guides such as the Accountability Compass, the Accountability Credo, and table of the Do’s and Don’ts that are the gentle reminders of how the accountability culture will happen “one conversation at a time.”, are meant for all to use to become an organization with an Accountability culture. And of course in Leta’s remarkable coaching ability she uses many scenarios to drive the major points home. Whether you are the executive director of your company or a coach leader moving your team to an accountability rich culture you will find this a wonderful guide for your journey and so will your team. “

Connie A. Jastremski

Former Chief Nursing Officer, New York

“This book is an excellent companion to “leading from your seat”.  In today’s business world there are many opportunities to engage the workforce but the “how” of it is the art of leading.  This book is a how to and “not” to do this work.  I especially like the fact that you can go to a topic and get a bulleted stepped approach on implementation.  Many business books give your theory and little or none implementation knowledge.  This book gives you both theory and the “how to” to  implement that approach.  As always Leta Beam has captured the exact language we should use in coaching each other, those who work with us, for us and those for whom we work.  As a consultant, I am recommending this to my customers to use in their leadership training and ongoing work. “

Bertine Colombo McKenna, Ph.D.

President – Healthcare Consulting, New York

'Own It' is an easy read sprinkled with ah-ha moments throughout the book. The passion from which the author writes is evident on every page. This is truly an active participation book with key coaching questions asked throughout the book--designed for you to write your thoughts as well as a personal action plan—working right along with the author! I found the personal coach inventory enlightening regarding my own behaviors. Once you realize that certain behaviors may be toxic, helpful antidotes are suggested as a guide.

This book very much was a personal journey for me, and as an educator for our company will definitely suggest this book as a model on accountability to build upon.

This book left me excited...now onward to be my best version of me!

Definitely a fan!!!

Sharon Savaglio, RN, BSN , Staff Education Coordinator

Own It - Building An Accountability-Rich Culture Together is a very practical guide to help leaders examine the power of personal accountability in oneself and others.  Leta Beam's introspective process enables a leader to transform oneself and one's workplace environment.  Key tools for this experience are The Accountability Credo and The Accountability Compass.  Leta Beam enables leaders to build a culture of owners.  Her quote, "What you permit, you promote," is invaluable!

 Merle Horowitz, Educational Consultant

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