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“The Ahold Real Estate team has been working with Leta for over a year.  She has been the driving force behind our team's transition to a more cohesive and effective group.  Her hands on approach and attention to each member's unique qualities has vastly improved our communication and team building skills.  With her insight and coaching, our team is much more adept at resolving team obstacles, conflict resolution and effective communication.  We certainly could not have achieved this tremendous success without her training and personal attention.”
Guy S., V.P. Real Estate

“Thank you for the lovely award letter, beautiful framed poster and monetary award. Most of all, thank you for providing us with the valuable education and coaching during our sessions together. You undoubtedly contributed to our success that has enabled our team to ‘Lead From Our Seats!”
Deb W., 2014 Take The Lead Award Team Winner

“I am a different person because of the fantastic coaching I received from Leta Beam of Vantage International. Leta helped me recognize the value I brought to the table. This was such a gift and has improved my self-confidence. I feel like I enter a room differently!! That gift was very personal and one that I will reap the benefits from for my entire life. Leta also helped me performing my day to day job. I had just taken a position on a virtual team, I had never managed a virtual team before and it was a challenge. Leta helped me with some great tips on how to bring the team together. One in particular I love was about conference calls and ways to remember there were folks on the other end of that line. Ways to keep people on the phone engaged and participating. I used her coaching and created what I called my "conference call tree". It was a picture holder. I had each team member provide an image to represent themselves. We had a team meeting where everyone shared their image and explained why they chose their image. It was one of the best team building exercises I have ever participated in. From that point on when we conducted meetings via conference call we had our conference call tree by the phone with the images from each phone participant hanging. We didn't lose sight of our phone participants and everyone had fun using this method. This is just one successful idea Leta helped me with. I have so many examples that still excite me when I think about using them and the success they brought to my team. I won't tell you about all of them but I do want to share another significant result of my work with Leta. I was managing a difficult relationship with a co-worker. I did not have a choice to opt out of this relationship as it was critical to the success of the project I was on. I did not feel aligned with this person and I had major issues with trust. Leta's coaching helped me confront my issues with my co-worker. I went to her and said "I need to prove myself, my self-worth to this person. Help me". And oh boy did she help. She started off by helping me understand I didn't have to prove anything to this person. Leta pointed out that I had great qualities and this person needed to be open minded enough to recognize them. That felt so great. It made me approach the situation so differently and it gave me the confidence to. Leta changed my life. I look at life differently because of her coaching. I feel more in control, I am the owner of my destiny, I decide how I let things affect me, I decide to find the positive, I decide to make the best out of my situations, I decide how great every day will be. Leta is an enthusiastic, invigorating, caring, fun, dynamic coach and I loved the time I spent with her. She taught me how to appreciate myself and how to think about doing things differently. I saw a quote on-line at searchquotes.com from Randa Manning-Johnson that sums up what Leta taught me "We all possess certain talents and gifts that are unique to only us. You already have everything that you need to start living an extraordinary life. It's up to you to turn on the switch and let your light shine."
Nancy M., Ahold USA

“I am a realtor with Coldwell Banker. Last year I worked with Leta Beam for six or seven months to help me get my business up and running again after a brief absence. The work we did together has been invaluable in setting expectations, putting them intentionally into action and achieving results. After a year off from real estate I enjoyed the highest sales volume of my career to date, and this year has started off even stronger. I fully employ the energy engineering techniques and Leta’s guidance and visualization in everything I do. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to grow their business and be happier to use Leta’s tools.”
Betsey S., Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I have been working with Vantage International for over four years. Through that time I have been fortunate to have a coach that possesses multidimensional skills. In the difficult world of business today, the human being as a whole needs to be considered in all we do at work. Few companies I have been involved with have this holistic approach to business coaching that includes the personal components, the emotional and spiritual components and the ability to have fun facing difficult situations. Vantage is very flexible and can move within the same conversation from career counseling to helping one through the management of their emotions and developing their spiritual energy. I feel I have grown as a person, been taken through the dark and bright times of my career and have learned more about myself than I believed possible. I would encourage that companies use Vantage International in many ways - to help with employee morale, to talk to people about managing the stress of business and personal lives, to offer Vantage for outplacement situations or to help the workforce put more energy into their work and personal lives. I would also encourage individuals who are in a position where there are few confidants to use this company as their guide and coach. Inaddition, I would also highly recommend this company for individuals who need career counseling at key points in their careers. I cannot say enough about the experience I have had. Call me I will tell you more!!!”
Bertine M., Executive VP and COO, Basset Healthcare

“Vantage offered a wonderful encouragement and I used coaching to expand my horizons in business. Sometimes it is difficult to look at oneself with constructive criticism that will build growth. For those who are considering executive or personal coaching, Vantage is the best place to begin that journey.”
Dolores R., RN, Founder/President, Jewel Davies Ministries

“Leta has guided me through some very turbulent transformations with her “Yoda-esque” wisdom. She has objectively mentored me and assisted me in the development of my management skills. She provides me with new perspective and new tools for dealing with my personal and professional lives. Hmmmm….wise are you, Leta”
MaryAnn S.

“Executive coaching with Vantage International is a tremendous benefit to members of the leadership of Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (ALSM). The coaching experience enables our leaders to realize and act on their inherent leadership skills. It appears to be a self-actualization experience for them. They provide stronger leadership for ALSM programs. Our leaders have developed a passionate commitment to excellence and to seeing possibilities rather than limitations. In other words, coaching enables our leaders “to be all they can be.”
Patricia S., President CEO, Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries

“Our contract with Leta proved to be some of the best dollars we have spent on professional development. The value for the money spent was great. Our organization benefited greatly from the program.”
Robert R., President CEO

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