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Vantage International is a premier leadership and business coaching firm, dedicated to serving business professionals, teams and organizations using a dynamic, results-oriented coaching approach. We challenge our clients to view themselves as powerful forces in their own lives and the lives of their organizations. To acknowledge, at a cellular level, that it is all about, and only about, the choices that they make...never about the other person, the circumstance or anything external. Intentionality, inspired action and sustainability are our lynchpins.

The AdVantage Coaching System is all about change, creating movement, momentum and more of what the client wants. We know the mind expanding power of coaching. We've experienced it firsthand through our own personal and professional mastery.

We have also coached thousands of professionals, teams, groups, committees and business audiences across the world and witnessed its value second-hand. Together with our clients, we co-create a success partnership that allows them to harness the power to create new careers, increase profits, attract new business, punch up sales, set new priorities, and improve organizational well-being. Together we discover new ways of interacting with people to recreate a culture, replace silos with cross functional teaming, get the right people on the bus and in the right seat, engineer turnarounds and breakthroughs...even when positive change hasn't been sustained in the past; even with "old dogs"; even in the "bad" times and even in "troubled" industries.

The Take The Lead Experience:
Check out a clip of Leta's energetic engagement at the NEW New England Chapter's 2014 spring event

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