2015 TTL Award Winner Team




 Name:  Inpatient Nursing Operations Managers Team

Organization:  Geisinger - Community Medical Center

Nominator:  Angelo Venditti



 Nomination Text:

“I am honored to nominate the Inpatient Operations Manager team (IOMT) at Geisinger Community Medical Center for Take the Lead Award.The IOMT has gone through a significant evolution over the past two years.  Similarly, the hospital has experienced significant growth and program development.  Because of this, the IOMT has been challenged to recruit and train new leaders and new staff in order to sustain a safe and high quality care environment.  Additionally, they have been undergoing a continuous state of construction and have implemented many new systems.  Through all this change, the team has sustained an unwavering commitment to excellence.  They have reduced the hospital fall rate, outperforming the benchmark.  The team has reduced the hospital acquired pressure ulcer rate, again outperforming the benchmark.  The IOMT has influenced their staff to strive for greatness by setting the example with regard to professional development and lifelong learning.  It is hard to look at the journey this team has embarked upon and not smile at the significant progress they have made.  Today, they continue to be unwavering and committed to their staff and patients . 


It is important to understand where this team has come from to get a clear sense of the remarkable nature in which they have excelled.  Less than two years ago, I think it is fair to say the IOMT was a group of professionals striving for individual accomplishments.  Today, they are team of professionals with a common goal to strive for excellence in all that we do to care for our patients.It is simply amazing to be part of this journey and observe the transition that they have each committed to, as well as their commitment to the team.  The IOMT has had great success which it is important to quantitatively outline to better understand the significance of their achievements:


1. Reduction in patient falls from >5/ 1000 patient days to 2.0/ 1000 patient days

2. Increase in overall hospital hand hygiene compliance from <80% to 98% (December, 2015)

3. Reduction in hospital acquired pressure ulcers from >4.0/ 1000 patient days to <0.5/ 1000 patient days

4. Recruited over 70 RNs from May, 2015 through August 2015


In addition to these significant improvements, individually, many of the team members have committed to returning to school to achieve either their graduate or undergraduate degree, as well as their professional certification.  I am honored and privileged to work with such a dedicated group of individuals. The progress and development of the team is nothing short of remarkable over the past year. It is the support of each other that has culminated into the high functioning team they have become.  Their future is bright and their capabilities are endless!